NewFound Records

Program Descriptions
(Episodes 415 - 425 - June, July, & August, 2017)

Wine, Ep. 415
(June 17, 2017)

February 18 was Drink Wine Day. The idea on that day is to spread the love and benefits of wine such as new friends, reduced risk of heart disease and the enhancement of food and life.
For Drink Wine  Day, NewFound Records looked at how Newfoundland & Labrador’s pioneer recording artists experienced wine in songs like Fine Wine and Caviar, Candlelight and Wine, Rose Coloured Bottle, Red Red Wine, Bottle of Wine & more.
Popping the cork are Chris Hennessy, Hayward Stickland, Roger Howse, George Grandy, Chuck Simms, Derek Pilgrim, and others.
(encore - originally aired February 18, 2017)

Take Heart, Ep. 416
(June 24, 2017)

February was Heart Month and for this episode Newfoundland`s pioneer recording artists dished out an eclectic mix of hearty songs!

Tune in and you`ll hear them sing about all kinds of hearts like a heart of gold, a heart of stone, a jealous heart, oodles of broken hearts, and a sweetheart or two.

Supplying the music are Rex Hemeon, Dave Panting, Loretta Cormier, Mark Godwin, Winston Saunders, and lots more.
(encore - originally aired February 25, 2017 )

Canada 150 Special - 'Oh What A Battle It Was', Ep. 417
(July 1, 2017)

On March 31, 1949 the Dominion of Newfoundland ceased to exist, and the 10th province of Canada was born.  And Oh What a Battle It Was

Today’s episode of NewFound Records chronicles that battle
in the words and music of Newfoundland & Labrador's pioneer recording artists. Tune in and relive the yeahs and the nays, the pros and the cons. You'll hear passionate speeches, poems, and songs extending from Newfoundland's vote to reject confederation in 1869 right up to the 25th anniversary of confederation celebrations in 1974.

Providing the soundtrack are Major Peter Cashin, Joey Smallwood, Joan Morrissey, Fergus O'Byrne, Art Scammell, Dick Nolan, The Celebration Singers, David Barnes and more.
(encore - originally aired March 31, 2012)

Mother Earth, Ep. 418
(July 8, 2017)

This episode was originally broadcast on April 22 which is Earth Day. That's an annual event celebrated on April 22. The intent is to inspire people to connect with nature and build resilient communities. This episode of NewFound Records marked Earth Day by spinning Newfoundland & Labrador oldies records with an environmental theme.
On the platter are The New Generation Singers, Gerald Mitchell, Iceberg Alley, Shirley Montague, Glen Tilley, Harry Hibbs, Dick Nolan and more.
(encore - originally aired April 22, 2017)

The Sea, Ep. 419
(July 15, 2017)

This episode of NewFound Records is devoted to songs about the sea! Tracks include We're Folk Of the Sea, The Sea Calls, Sea People, Sea Pictures, The Seashore, Heaven By Sea, Our Living From the Sea and more.
Featured artists include J. Terry Hynes, The Pasadena Glee Club, Phyllis Morrissey, Art Scammell, Kevin Beanland, The Du-cats, and more.
(encore - originally aired May 14, 2016)

St. John's, Ep. 420
(July 22, 2017)

A unique musical romp through The City of Legends on today's show.
Tune in and you'll hear John White sing his signature song, Signal Hill.  Also on the platter are rare recordings by St. John's jazz legend Ralph Walker and the former mayor of St. John's, John Murphy. You’ll also hear an obscure recording of The St. John's Waltz by The Wonderful Grand Band, and Anne-Marie Murray sings the delightful Streets of Old St. John’s.
Lots more weird and wonderful gems from Newfoundland’s pioneer recording artists as well!
(encore - originally aired - originally aired March 5, 2016)

Ron Hynes, Ep. 421
(July 29, 2017)

This episode originally aired on November 19, 2016. That was the first anniversary of the passing of the man who was arguably Newfoundland & Labrador's greatest  singer-songwriter. The program honours the musical legacy of Ron Hynes by digging out some of his obscure recordings from the 1970s & '80s.
You're unlikely to hear many of these nuggets on mainstream radio, so if you're a Ron Hynes fan you won’t want to miss this unique tribute to The Man Of A Thousand Songs.
(encore - originally aired November 19, 2016)

Gold, Ep. 422
(Aug 5, 2017)

Today’s show is about the most precious of metals… the monetary standard… the most essential jewelry component… the symbol of excellence,
of wisdom, of holiness, and of success. 

Yet Shakespeare described the subject of today's episode as 'the worst poison to men’s souls.'  Today's show is all about GOLD! (encore - originally aired September 24, 2016)

Singer/Songwriters Ep. 423

(Aug 12, 2017)

Who would you think of if you were asked to name some of Newfoundland & Labrador's pioneer singer/songwriters? Chances are Ron Hynes comes to mind quickly. But other than Ron, what other local singer/songwriters can you think of from the vinyl era?
Well, there were plenty! Perhaps the first recording by a Newfoundland & Labrador singer/songwriter dates back to 1943 - the 'shellac' era. That recording was by Art Scammell. Scammell recorded a few of his originals including The Squid Jigging Ground on 78 rpm singles in 1943.
In addition to Art Scammell, the playlist for this episode incudes Bob Lambert, Bruce Moss, Christopher Kearney, Dave Nicol, Derek Pelley, Harry Martin, Rex Hemeon, and others.
(encore - originally aired September 17, 2016 )

Ryans Fancy, Ep. 424

(Aug 19, 2017)

Fergus O’Byrne joins me in the studio to share his memories of the group that the CBC’s Peter Gzowski referred to as ‘North America’s Best Irish Band’.
There’s plenty of great music as well. This show is a must-listen for Ryan’s Fancy fans!
(encore - originally aired December 3, 2016)

George Grandy, Ep. 425
(Aug 26, 2017)

NewFound Records profiles the musical career of George Grandy.
George is from Grand Bank on the Burin Peninsula where he was a fixture on the local entertainment scene during the 60s, 70s, and beyond. He hosted his own radio show for a year, and always drew a crowd wherever he performed. Along the way he recorded three vinyl LPs, a cassette tape, and a few compact discs.
Now 79 years old, George can still rock with the best of them as he demonstrated at the recent Tribute Jam of Newfoundland rock 'n roll pioneers held at The Old Mill in St. John's. At present, George is still performing and  therie's talk of another CD to coincide with his upcoming 80th birthday.
You won't want to miss this special episode of NewFound Records which will include excerpts from a recent interview with the remarkable and inspiring George Grandy.
(encore - originally aired May 27, 2017)