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"1979 - Part 2 of 2"

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We start with memories of an american who was one of the first artists to record Newfoundland folk songs... Ed McCurdy. He passed away on Mar. 23, 2000.

Then on to the conclusion of our two part series featuring NL vinyl records that are celebrating their 40th birthday this year!
On the platter... Debbie Dwyer, Dick Gardiner, Eddie Eastman, Emile Benoit, The Round Midnight Band, Pat Sulley, Tickle Harbour, and more.

Part 2 of 2



ED McCURDY: Squarin’ Up Time (Art Scammel)
‘Songs of the Sea’, circa 1953, Cambridge VP 11

RYAN'S FANCY: Mist Upon A Morning (D. O'Reilly)
'A Time With Ryan's Fancy', BOOT BOS 7197, 1979
Personnel: Fergus O'Byrne, Dermot O'Reilly, Denis Ryan, Allister MacGillivary and others.
Prod: Ryan's Fancy & Allister MacGillivary. Eng: Pat Martin, Al Feeney.
Recorded at Audio Atlantic, Halifax

PAT SULLEY: Cameron Avenue (P. Sulley)
45 rpm single, WRC3-691 (anchor records), 1979
Scott Kennedy: Bass (Harmony vocals), Arthur Jessol: Drums, Rick Knight: Keyboards.
Pat Sulley : Vocal & guitars
Recorded at The Grange. Eng: Rick Knight

EDDIE EASTMAN: Easy (Terry Skinner)
'Easy', Bel Air Records BA 1000, 1979 
Produced by Bob Cousins. Eng: Rex Collier; Recorded: Nashville, Tennessee.

DICK GARDINER: Private Property (Dick Gardiner)
'Where the Churchill River Flows', QUAY CS-7930, 1979
Prod: Neil Bishop; Eng: Neil Bishop & Claude Caines.
Personnel: Ted MacNeil, Skip Abbott, Bob O'Donovan, Rick Walsh, Jeff Butler, Neil Bishop, Sheila Caines, Dick Gardiner.

DEBBIE DWYER & DOWN EAST BAND: Love Is Something You Can't Buy (Rex Hemeon)
45 rpm single QUAY CS 7931, 1979
Eng: Neil Bishop. Prod: Debbie Dwyer & Down East Band

EMILE BENOIT: Farewell Reel (Emile Benoit)
‘Emile’s Dream’, Pigeon Inlet Prod. PIP-732, 1979
Personnel: Emile Benoit, Ron Hynes on acoustic guitar.
Eng: Neil Bishop & Claude Caines.  Prod. & Arr.: Kelly Russell.
Recorded at Clode Sound, Stephenville, NL

 JOEY SMALLWOOD: The Beautiful People and Places (R. Robin)
‘A Living Legend’, Robin Records WRC 1-935, 1979
 Personnel: Mack Barfoot, Rob St. Aubin, Harry Frump, C. Clyde.
 Prod: Gordon Rowat.  Exec. Prod: R. Robin. Rec: Newfound Sound.
 Mastered: Dan Plouffe.

THE ROUND MIDNIGHT BAND: Long Train Running (Tom Johnston)
'Live at The Come-By-Chance Newfoundland Club',  LORI ANN BA 002, circa 1979
Personnel: Alan Locke, Graham Penney, Howard Keats, Cyril Way, Ben Price, Reggie O'Quinn. Rec: Thunder Sound, To. Co-Prod: Round Midnight Band & Bill Atkinson,
Eng:Bryan Fitzgerald. Arr & Dir: B. Price & B. Atkinson

CHILLIWACK: 148 Heavy (B. Henderson, B. MacLeod)
'Breakdown In Paradise', Mushroom MRS 5015, 1979
Personnel: Rick Taylor, John Roles, Brian MacLeod, Bill Henderson, Ab Bryant.
Prod: Bill Hendeson & Brian MacLeod.
Rec: Vancouver, Mixed: Seattle. Master: Burbank, Cal. Eng: Rolf Hennemann

TICKLE HARBOUR: a) Kitty's Rambles - b) The Wind That Shakes the Barley (Trad.)
The Hares Ears, QUAY CS-7955, 1979
Personnel: Rick Hiscott, Gerry Stong, Des Walsh, Don Walsh.
Prod: Tickle Harbour, Eng: Neil Bishop & Claude Caines.
Rec: Clode Sound Studios, November 1979

GORDON QUINTON: Newfoundland Medley: Petty Harbour Bait Skiff/Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary's (John Grace/Otto P. Kelland)
Guitar Songs, Quay CS 7933, 1979
Personnel: Gordon Quinton, John Lacey, Boyd Norman. Prod : Gordon Quinton.
Eng: Neil Bishop & Claude Caines. Rec: Clode Sound Studios, Stephenville

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