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Over 40 years ago Simani, Sim Savory and Bud Davidge, took the stage for the first time in Belleoram, Fortune Bay, NL.  And today, four decades later, Simani is still a household name throughout Newfoundland. Seems like everyone, old or young, knows their songs... classics like The Mummers Song, which helped revive interest in a dying Newfoundland Christmas tradition. And then there's the heartfelt Outport People, a song which puts a human face on the controversial issue of resettlement. Another gem is Saltwater Cowboys which poked fun at Newfoundlanders who returned home from working in Alberta sporting rodeo boots and Calgary Hats. The list of favourites goes on and on and on!

Today on NewFound Records, we roll back the clock and shine a light on Simani's humble origins in rural Newfoundland.  We'll see how they rocketed to fame, and how they set up their own recording studio as Bud says "in the middle of nowhere". It became known simply as Sim's Studio and it went on to record hundreds of local albums throughout its 25 year lifespan. And it's that studio and the man behind it, Sim Savory, that are the main focus of today's show.

This special show features some of Siminai's lesser known music and includes excerpts from a recent interview with the legendary Bud Davidge.

GORD DRAKE: Chain & Anchor Waltz (Trad.)
'I Am A Fisherman', SWC GD-1187, 1987
Vocals: Gord Drake; Rhythm guitars: Gord & Sim; Harmonies: Bud & Hughie Poole; Accordion: Gord Drake; Drums; Conrad Williams; Piano: Sim; Steel Guitar: Mike Higgins; Bass: Cyril Brown.
Prod: SWC Productions, English Harbour West, NL. Eng: Sim Savory at Sim's Studio, Belleoram, NL

SIMANI: A Breed All His Own (Bud Davidge)
'Two For the Show', SWC SDC 7788, 1988
Personnel: Bud Davidge (Vocals, Harmony Vocals), Sim Savory (Accordion, Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Bass), Cyril Brown (Bass), Mike Higgins (Steel Guitar), Dave Carey (Fiddle), Wilf Sullivan (Harmony Vocals).
Rec: Sim's Studio, Belleoram. Eng: Sim Savory.

GENE WATSON: Paper Rosie (Dallas Harms)
'Best of the Best - 25 Greatest Hits', 2012
From iTunes, originally released 1975

SIMANI: Bartender’s Story (Bud Davidge)
'Saltwater Cowboys', QUAY CS-8059, 1981
Credits: Ted MacNeil (Drums), Neil Bishop (lead, steel, and rhythm guitars), Claude Caines (bass guitar), Betty Jean Hynes & Reg Eddy (Harmony vocals), and Rick Walsh (piano).
Produced by Simani. Engineered by Neil Bishop and Claude Caines.
Recorded at Clode Sound Studios, Stephenville, NL, June 1981

SIMANI: Promises To Keep (Bud Davidge)
'Christmas Fancy', SWC Productions SDX 095, 1985
Lead vocals: Bud Davidge; Accordion: Sim Savory; Rhythm guitars: Sim Savory, Neil Bishop; Steel guitar: Mervin Maxwell; Fiddle and piano: Bill Guest; Lead guitars: Sim Savory, Neil Bishop; Basses: Sim Savory, Claude Caines; Harmony vocals: Bud Davidge.
Engineers: Neil Bishop, Sim Savory. Produced by Simani. Recorded and mixed at Clode Sound and Sim's Studio, Belleoram, NL between September 1982 and September 1985.

SIMANI: I Wanna Live Like A Millionaire (Bud Davidge)
'Outport People', cassette tape SDC-785A, 1986
Lead Vocals: Bud Davidge; Accordion: Sim Savory; Lead Guitar: Neil Bishop, Sim Savory; Rhythm guitars: Neil Bishop, Sim Savory; Mandolins: Sim Savory, Neil Bishop; Piano and Steel: Mel Aucoin; Harmonies: Bud Davidge, Nelson White; Dobro: Neil Bishop; Harmonica: Sim Savory
Engineered by Neil Bishop and Sim Savory. Produced by Simani.
Recorded at Sim's Studio, Belleoram, NL

BACK TO BACK (Reg Eddy & Pat Marche): The Troutin' (Reg Eddy & Pat Marche)
'Childhood Memories', casette tape BB-40491A, circa early 1990s   
Personnel: Reg Eddy (guitar, bass, vocals, harmonies, music), Pat Marche (Vocals, spoons, jews-harp, lyrics), Sim Savory (accordion, drums), Dave Carey (fiddle, mandolin, guitar, tin whistle).
Engineer: Sim Savory. Recorded at Sim's Studio, Belleoram, NL.
Produced by Part Marche & Reg Eddy.

SIMANI: Two For the Show (Bud Davidge)
'Two For the Show', SWC SDC 7788, 1988
Personnel: Vocals:Bud Davidge, Accordion, rhythm & lead guitar, mandolin, bass: Sim Savory, Steel guitar: Cyril Brown, and Mike Higgins, Fiddle: Dave Carey, Piano: Wilf Sullivan.
Recorded at Sim's Studio, Belleoram. Engineer: Sim Savory.

ALLAN BAMBURY: Allan's Waltz (Allan Bambury)
'Music and Friends', SWC SD-5067, 1987
Produced and arranged by Simani. Engineered by Sim Savory at Sim's Studio, Belleoram, NL

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